Isn’t she beautiful

Over the weekend some friends and I settled down at my place to paint and watch a movie. The movie we watched was a 90’s film called Kids. It was a low budget film that featured some now famous actors such as Rosario Dawson and the lead actor, Leo Fitzpatrick.

The film has some pretty raunchy scenes of teenagers having sex, doing random drugs, and discussing the act of sex with multiple partners. In particular, Fitzpatrick’s character, Teller, has a a desire of deflowering young girls for the reasons of being the her first and the BLANK of it all.

Then there is a scene with one of the girls casually talking to her friends about sex. It is then known that she has slept with Teller and all the other girls have been sexually active, as well as experienced with sex–but not aware of it’s implications or the practice of safe sex.

At some point in the movie, Dawson’s character and the girl who slept with Teller end up at a women’s health clinic. It was Dawson’s decision to get checked and tested for any sexual diseases, but like many of our politicians who make our reproductive rights decisions don’t know is that walking into a clinic for the first time can be daunting and scary BUT it’s needed to learn the practice of safe sex and what may be contracted if one does have multiple partners.

Dawson brings along the girl who lost her virginity to Teller for support, but the both end up getting tested. Here is the twist of the story: while Dawson has had multiple partners she ends up testing negative for any sexual diseases, but the girl who has only slept with one person tests positive for HIV.

To be continued…

Ted Talks: Make Love, Not Porn

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